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In an excellent and very pleasant location in Trnovo, just a stone's throw from the city center and at the same time close to nature, the new settlement Jelšin gaj is under construction, consisting of seven semi-detached houses or fourteen units. The settlement is conceptually designed in a way that will provide young families with a home in which to create an active family life.

The convenience of the location offers privacy away from the hustle and bustle of the city, direct proximity to all the necessary infrastructure for sports activities (cycling, tennis, basketball, aerobic exercise) or a relaxed walk along the PST.

The units will be built until III. extended construction phases, which allows you to arrange and furnish your home according to your own wishes and needs. Quality construction, functional arrangement of rooms, or well-thought-out floor plans, modern technology and heating will guarantee you a quality and comfortable stay.

All units have a living area of ​​152.71 m2 and stand on a plot of land ranging in size from 305.00 m2 to 402.00 m2.

The individual residential unit includes two P+1 floors. The interiors of all units are designed with families in mind who want more than just a few rooms from their home.

The ground floor consists of an entrance hall, a living room with a kitchen with access to the terrace and atrium, a storage room or work space, a toilet, a technical room and a staircase leading to the upper floor, where there is a corridor with a playroom, a staircase, a master bedroom with a dressing room, two children's rooms and two bathrooms.

Each unit has a spacious atrium that provides enough privacy for a relaxed and enjoyable leisure time.

The settlement is located in the immediate vicinity of all necessary infrastructure such as a kindergarten, primary school, shops, banks, pharmacy, dental services, bus station and direct connection to the ring road.

The buyer does not pay the commission!

The project has a final building permit.

You are welcome, we are happy to provide you with more information.

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Internal identNo.SignAreaArea netPriceStatusGround plan
PH2256082SKHouse, Semi-detached152.71 m2152.71 m2516.000 €Available
PH2256083SKHouse, Semi-detached152.71 m2152.71 m2517.000 €Available
PH2256084SKHouse, Semi-detached152.72 m2152.72 m2517.000 €Available
PH2256085SKHouse, Semi-detached152.72 m2152.72 m2525.000 €Available
PH2256086SKHouse, Semi-detached152.72 m2152.72 m2525.000 €Available
PH2256087SKHouse, Semi-detached152.71 m2152.71 m2528.000 €Available
PH2256088SKHouse, Semi-detached152.71 m2152.71 m2528.000 €Available
PH2256089SKHouse, Semi-detached152.71 m2152.71 m2528.000 €Available
PH2256090SKHouse, Semi-detached152.71 m2152.71 m2530.000 €Available
PH2256091SKHouse, Semi-detached152.71 m2152.71 m2517.000 €Reserved
PH2256094SKHouse, Semi-detached152.71 m2152.71 m2Occupied

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